Hold on! Let me get my glasses. I always feel so much more literary with my glasses. There, better.

Now, for the when, where, how, and why.

Well…you see…actually…My life isn’t terribly interesting. I’m average in most definitions of the word. I’m going to school hoping to one day make a difference in someone’s life while combating a serious case of coffee addiction.

Don’t laugh. It’s serious.

Unfortunately, I’m also fighting on another front. Like a lot of men (and I’m sure you know a few) I have commitment problems. Not to relationships, but to places. I recently moved back from the US from Guam a few months ago and already I’m having dreams of Paris. The picture above was taken at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia only a year ago.

While this blog will hopefully offer you witty banter and meaningful dialog, don’t be surprised to see traveling posts and pictures as well.

I’m currently residing in San Antonio, Texas and going to school online at Full Sail University in Orlando.


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